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SgfMan is a SGF (Smart Game Format, best known as record format for Go game) file manager running on PalmOS 4.0 and higher. You can use it to browse and edit SGF files on expansion card, categorize and import files to build-in memo pad's database which can be replayed by third party SGF reviewer such as PilotGOne.

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More information about PilotGOne

PilotGOne was written to be useable in three roles - recording a game of Go, playing back existing sgf files with variations and comments, and to be used as a board, for standalone play while travelling. The feature set is rather precisely tailored to these roles - it is not a general sgf editor. However, since the sgf lives directly in memos, manual editing can be used to perform any extra changes that are wanted. More details at a modified version of PilotGone to enjoy the Play function in SgfMan.

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